May 4th, 2008 § 10 comments

if you have any ideas for what animal/creature/thing to make next for my collection of handsewn toys please drop me a comment! (:

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  • justea

    make a karwei!
    anything really, really round will do… (:

  • karwei

    justina.. you are mistaken!

    something really round… is A JUSTEA!

  • Anonymous

    A cow! 😀

    The patches will be a challenge

  • karwei

    a cow? yes the patches are a challenge indeed.. unfortunately, so are the udders, i suspect.

  • angel

    i know!


    ((: cute eh cute eh! my suggestions rock! you can make a nice one and give me as my birthday present 😀

  • karwei

    eh angel.. i give you the pig one! 😀

  • aditi

    hello! make…an octopus 😀 and a butterfly. and a snail. and a moose. and a llama.

    sorry haha v crazy ideas.

  • zy

    make a wombat!

  • suat

    make an elephant again for SUATTY

  • suat

    or or erm why don’t you make a goat. a fat round goat (:

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